Dreaming Big

We interview the most inspiring people. We call them Visionaries

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Safe space. Our thoughts. Failure. Success. Twice a month. No bullshit.
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The stories behind Visionaries

We strive to undress the ups-and-down, the late nights, the early mornings, the failures, and the victories

#34 Lea Bajc: The Operational Investor

Most things look intimidating from the outside, but once you start doing them yourself, you realise that everything is possible.

#33 Magnus Grimeland: The Visionary

I want to look back at my life and think that the world is a slightly better place because I was around.

#32 Jeremy Tsui: The Adventurer Revolutionizing FinTech

The life of a founder is being able to convey clarity to your team, your investors, and your customers while navigating in complete uncertainty.
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#31 Chou Hoytt: Turning Vulnerability into a Superpower

I could have gotten some job that I wouldn’t have been excited about, but I thought: what if I can start from scratch on the other side of the Atlantic?

#30 Rokas Peciulaitis: The Unconventional Investor

There is no conventional path in life. Find something you’re passionate about, and interesting things will come your way!

#29 Trond Arne Undheim: The Happy Futurist

If you have the means to directly realize your dreams, you are not dreaming big enough. Instead, experiment with different creative ideas to achieve your stretch goals.

#28 Loek Janssen: The Elegant Mind

I was on the path of advancing my career as a cog in the wheel for big prestigious institutions. If I wanted to make it big, I decided that I had to risk it all.
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#27 Charlotte Zhao: The Life-Long Learner

Keep on learning. In order to stay relevant in today’s world, you have to constantly reinvent yourself.

Our visionaries are involved in fantastic organisations.   

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We are the team behind Venture Insider, a place where you can come to get inspired by the greatest minds.

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What They Say

At Venture Insider, we take care of our Visionaries.  

  • The team at Venture Insider wrote our article with such lifeblood and mastery that it went viral within hours, reaching audiences from Singapore to New York. Venture Insider skillfully combines the gifts of empathy, story-telling and asking the right questions!  

    Manuel Schoenfeld, Co-founder & CEO
  • Venture Insider asks insightful questions that won't find their way into any other interview. Better yet, their craft of storytelling pulls their audience in. A special team and a great audience.  

    Alexander Leeds, Co-Founder
  • Venture Insider took a genuine interest in knowing me — and then exercised utmost responsibility to share my story with diligence, accuracy, nuance, and timeliness. As a documentary filmmaker, I appreciate this more than they probably know! I’m honored to have been featured as a Venture Insider Visionary.  

    Catherine Lee, Co-founder & CEO
  • I had a very pleasant and natural conversation with the VI team that made me think about things I haven't thought about for some time. Their questions made me "stop and think" about things that matter, that are truly important. It was not about business. It was about the journey of building something you care about.  

    Paulius, co-founder & CEO
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Venture Insider. The guys are truly passionate about entrepreneurship, run the process very professionally and the end result was way above expectations.

    Peter Beckman, Co-Founder & CEO