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Let's unveil ourselves and tell you about our favorite fruits.

Let's not be strangers forever

The founding team is made up of two young guys with one passion in common: a deep love for seeking discomfort and daring to chase their dreams. 

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Meet Michelangelo

As his name suggests, he is somewhat Italian, which is true, but he is also half Norwegian. Michelangelo recently graduated from Rotterdam School of Management with a degree in International Business Administration where he met Dorian (more on him in a bit). He began his writing journey in March 2017, starting with simple book reviews. If you are looking for a proper laugh, please read his first book review here. Michelangelo became a full-time hipster when he moved to Kreuzberg, Berlin where he works at a startup as a Venture Developer.

As promised, Michelangelo’s favorite fruit is Watermelon 🍉 (shoutout to all watermelon lovers out there)

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Meet Dorian

Dorian is also a recent IBA graduate, and a vegan. Yes, I said it, let’s start the debate whether we should all move to an entirely plant-based diet. Dorian spends 16 hours a day working at a Fintech start-up based in Vancouver. We don’t even know how he has the time to dedicate to Venture Insider, he probably doesn’t sleep much. He lived most of his life in Brussels, Belgium, and came to the Netherlands to study without speaking a word of English. Since the beginning of his studies, he visited more countries than you’ve ever dreamed of (100 points to the ones who guess how many countries he visited in 2019). He also lived and studied in Singapore (well, I don’t know how much he studied)

His favorite fruit is strawberry 🍓. Reach out to Dorian if you want to continue the plant-based debate, or learn how to work around the clock.

Dorian - Founder of Venture Insider

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